Driving Lessons from National Driving Schools?


If you live in the Gloucester or Cheltenham areas, you might be considering which driving school to go for… AA or BSM since these are the 2 most established driving schools in the UK. It is only natural that you might think of driving lessons with these companies if you want high quality services.

As an ex- AA and BSM Driving Instructor, let me tell you that while you will generally get a good service from AA or BSM, it is not guaranteed because every UK driving instructor is trained to DSA standards. All they need to operate a national school franchise is a green badge issued by the Driving Standards Agency. Neither BSM, AA, Red or any other national driving school for that matter, has a seperate training procedure, and all of their induction courses are merely an introduction to the benefits of joining the organisation, not specific ways of conducting business.

All UK driving instructors are self-employed, and neither the AA or BSM give a salary to the trainer, in fact the franchisee pays a weekly fee to be able to use the brand name!

So if you go to AA or BSM for driving lessons, it depends on the individual instructor as too what type of experience you get, and usually within the first 2 sessions you should be able to decide if you want to stay with that instructor or not. The only advantage with these national schools is that you can request a different instructor if you don’t like the services being offered, so bear this in mind.

There are many independent driving instructors who offer a better service, because they have a reputation to keep, and value the repeat custom that satisfied clients will bring. An AA or BSM instructor is only promoting the franchise, and there is no real incentive for them to put more money into the company’s pockets.

This is one of the reasons why you see so many varied reviews of these motoring organisations (AA, BSM, Red, Bill Plant, LDC). Some have very good experiences, while others don’t, yet it is the same brand name!

So you need to think if it is worth paying a premium for taking tuition with an organisation such as the AA driving school, BSM or Red, or can you take the time to search for the same or better quality of driving tuition via the right local independent driving instructor like myself?

AA and BSM are not the only places you can get high quality driving Lessons from, and while they are good and strong brand names this is one area where individual personalities really matters. Call me today on 01452 290121 and see how I can get your driving career on the road to success and obtain that full UK licence you desire. I also offer refresher lessons for those who need a confidence boost after a driving break.


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